Cervical Pinched Nerve Surgery

Published: Jun 7, 2011
If your symptoms do not improve within 3 months of conservative treatments, pinched nerve surgery can be performed to relieve the nerve compression. What type of pinched nerve operation you may require will depend on the underlying reason for your pinched nerve, your age, and your overall health.

Listed below are conditions that contribute to nerve compression and the possible pinched nerve surgery that can be performed to relieve the pressure.

Pinched Nerve Surgery for Bone Spurs
Bone spurs are growths of bone that occur along the edges of bones due to repeated stress or friction.
Minimally invasive surgical procedure called an endoscopic spinal foraminotomy is one way that you would remove the bone spur, relieving pressure on the pinched nerve.

Pinched Nerve Surgery for a Herniated Disc
A herniated disc occurs when an intervertebral disc in our spine ruptures or tears open. This allows the soft gel like center to push out and into the spinal canal limited the amount of space that is there.
If your underlying issue is a herniated disc that is compressing a cervical nerve, a pinched nerve operation could be accomplished with a minimally invasive endoscopic discectomy.

Pinched Nerve Surgery For Cervical Spondylosis (Osteoarthritis)
This is a term used to describe the degenerative changes to the joints in the spine often caused naturally as we age. Cervical Spondylosis is often a cause for compressed nerve roots in elderly patients.
If your underlying condition is osteoarthritis, surgeries that can be performed to improve your back functions are:

  • Spinal Fusion without Instrumentation and Implants

  • Spinal Fusion with Instrumentation and Implants

  • Laminectomy

  • Laminotomy

  • Transforaminal Micro Decompression

Pinched Nerve Surgery for Cervical Spinal Stenosis
This is the narrowing of the spaces in the cervical spinal column. As the spaces in your column get smaller and smaller in size it can compress the nerves as well as your spinal cord.
If it is the gradual narrowing of the spaces in your spine that are causing your pinched nerve a minimally invasive endoscopic foraminotomy or discectomy could be performed to remove the debris that is compressing the nerve, relieving pressure and alleviating the patients symptoms.

As you can see there are many underlying causes that can lead to a pinched nerve. The right treatment for you will depend on an accurate diagnosis by an experienced doctor or surgeon. Surgery is an aggressive treatment and should only be attempted once all non-surgical treatment options have been exhausted. Most surgery for pinched nerve in neck can be performed as less invasive procedures with short recovery times and small incisions, while sometimes the condition has progressed to the point where traditional open back surgery is required.  It is best to seek out a professional’s opinion. The pinched nerve surgery that will give you the best results will depend on many factors that you and your doctor should discuss.